Thursday, 5 June 2008

Oh nO!

Maerowse, he was taking his newly foundedinated traesure to the auction house Christies to be valualuated when suddenly it started sniggering. Mes amis, this really was too much for Marrhose for him to bear!

He the Rolls Royse car stopped, and had another look at the treasure chest. Mes amis, it still seemed as traesure chesty as before, but then suddenly it started moving! Maewrose he was most amazed, but then he the turht realized. The chest of treasure, it was not a treast of chesure, it was a CHAMELEON! The CHAMELEON had it had struck again, and left Murrise destituete and upset, the same as before.

It was with a heart broken that Muowrise he towards his Chateau headed back. There was to be no treasure for Mairowse todauy. Drat that chameleleleleon!

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