Friday, 30 May 2008

Not that CHAMELEON again!!!!

Oh no! It really is too much, mes amis. This chameleeon, it is a plague on Maerose. Just yesterday, Marrhose he went to have a drink from his cup of coffee and his cup it turned out to be le chameleon again disguised as Mawroyse's hot beverage liquid drink. Merise, he was most upset and most agitated he was. He knew not what to do! The chemeleon it slid away sniggering, but Maerise he knows it will be back. And Maowruse he never wrong is.

Also, just today Morrhuse he noticed that the the credit cards he off the capitan of the SS Cado got all have different names on them. This is odd, even though they are the cards of the Captain only one has his name on it. A couple have names that Morrhuse recognises as being the nomes de plumes of the Capitan, but others he knows not. Who is this M. Directeur Exécutif de l'Unicef that is on one of these cards named? Maerose he knows not.

He hopes that this person is not minding that Maerose he used this cerdit card to buy his house!

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