Monday, 5 May 2008

Tiresome arguments

Mawrise, he hates arguments mes amis. Aruging with lesser minds than the geynius that is Merrose (and lets face it mes amis, since Moariçe is such a great geynius, all other minds are lesser minds than Moruisße) tears the attention of Moruse away from his great work most essential, and drags him down to the petty level of these other peopel most miserabel. He likes it not mes amis!

This mroning, Moruses he awoke early and went out to with Zafod speak. M. Zaphod he was on the telephone speaking on the telepone. M. Zaphod, when he had finished speaking he said that he with some one named Trillian had speaking been. "Yeah," he said "I kinda agreed to pick her up from the shops, y'know? Yeah, it's just nearby the horsehead nebula, won't take long. Wanna come along Moses?"

Merose he most indignant was. He does not to the Horsehed nebula want to go. He to Paris wants to go back right now! But M. Zaphod, he most insistent was most insistent! There an argument most immense was! But, mes amis, Moiruse most inteligant is. And he can out of any problem hsi way think. So Moirace he preteneded to agree with Zafphod and got M. Zaphlod to think agreed. He even helped Zaphod rewire the control pannel and put the peices back togehther where Meoirise had kind of wiht a chair smashed them whilst with Zafod he was arguing.

But then, mes amis, he went back out to the back of the ship, and snuck into the escape pod of the ship. He the escape pod luanched, and disappeared off. Moiruse he know must figure out how to the escape pod work so that he can get to Paris back. He currently in orbit of earth is. Just need to figure out how to use the camera on this iPhone mes amis, Meoruse could some beauttiful pictures now take!

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