Saturday, 9 January 2010

Daytrip to Rhôme wiht Agliè

Mes amis, today Mhjwrÿçe for a dirve into Rome with his bon ami Ugliè went. Mwèréwse decided to teh 2CV dirvinate, and Mirrhuyse his beret wore -- wery much teh model of a sophisticate whine maker extraordinaire !!! Mherjse thought that Agly about teh choise of car would complain, but he did not much. Ugliè complaininated more about Mhjerÿse his red high heeled shoes (très chic, mes amis) than teh speed at which Mwrhjyse he droveinated at (150km/h)!!!! Maybe, Ugliè he preferinates teh dark blue high heel shoes (wiht DIAMONDS on it) tahn teh red ones.

Anyways, mes amis, Mjerùse & Ugliè had a day out most magnifique & Agly teh secret Templar history of Rhôme to Mhjweruse explaininated. APPARENTLY, teh Templars tehy used to really really sekret meetings hold in teh ruins of teh colliseum for many years, until Àglìè found tehm out & Infiltrated teihr Rhôme branch. This forced them to their meetings move & Agliè has not them again yet foundinated.

Mjerüse went shopping & bought himslef some more shoes (TWO pairs of PRADA high heeled shoes, and a pair of work boots for working on teh farm at castello di Mwerjüse. Teh farm boots are by Louis Vuitton!) , a nice new dinner jacket, and a book about teh Templar history of Rhôme which Agly such much good but flawed was (by an ex-Templar, published in 1721), and a book on teh Templars in Germany by Agliè de St Germaine published in 1801 -- maybe a relative of my bon ami Agliè!?!?!?

Aglìe bought a case of 1962 Ch. d'Yquem and a case of 1982 Ch. Haut-Brion. Mjeruse also two cases eahc of these boughted, as well as a case of 1973 Romanée Conti and a two (2!) precious bottles of 1901 Ch. Moutoun-Rothschild. Aglêi also one of these bought. Quite a find, mes amis, quite a find!!!!

Eh bien, Mjerîse & Aglië tehn to lunch went. Tehy a fine lunch at La Pergola (teh ONLY Michelin *** restaurant in Rhôme) wiht many bottels of whine from teh 50,000 bottel+ cellar. Teh menu, it was magnifiqe! Mherüse teh "Composition of sole and white truffle from Alba on cannellini beans" had, and Agluy had teh "Organic pigeon with purée of dried fruit bread and pomegranate ice-crush".

It much magnifique were, and Mweruîse hardly able to back into teh 2CV roll to dirve back to Castello di Mwejuiçe (at 150km/h)..

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