Monday, 18 January 2010


Mes amis, UgFlie has been trying to get Mhjrwçe to a wobleg post write about Mjerüse & Agly our day trip to teh snow, in which Merruise & Ugliè flew in teh borowed Piper PA-31T of Maurjse to wisit his Chateau in Armidale, north France where there much snow was.

It a grate and much exciting day trip was, and Mweruse teh snow enjoyd seeing much. And yet, Mwrice he bothered cannot be. Fear not, mes amis, he an EXCITING wobleg post about this will soon post. AND yet, he has something for his many adoring fans. Regular raeders might remememember teh porblems Mjerise had wiht venomous fanged kangaroos. Well, after this Mjweryse took his HSV Maloo ute in to be fixinated, and here is teh email taht he from teh mechanic back got. He it received last year, but had not got to write a wobleg about it yet:

From: Paris Auto Repairs []
To: Maurice de Perfossor []
Subject: Repairs to HSV Maloo ute
Date: 20 December 2009 11:32:21 GMT+10:00

Dear Mr. Perfossor,

As agreed we have serviced your car, and returned it to your property. The steering needed to be readjusted, and new tyres were also put on. Full details of repairs to the engine are in the quote.

As discussed, we fixed the metal work at the back of the driver's cab, which was badly damaged. It appeared to have been torn or bitten away -- what happened that could cause this sort of damage? It's the first time we, or any other mechanic we have spoken to, has seen this sort of damage.

The full quote is attached, and the total comes to $1,934.64. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional queries.

Thank you for your custom.

Reg Smith, Chief Mechanic.

Paris Auto Repairs
Your Friendly Local Car Dealer and Repair Yard

583 Beardy Street
Paris NSW
Tel: +61 9 1771 8923

Mjeriÿse knew it!!! He MUST be one of teh WERY, WERY few people who have escaped an attack by Lesser Spotted Poison Fanged Kangaroos unharmed!!!!1!!!?!!1!!!

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