Friday, 20 February 2009

The perfect dinner with the perfect host

Ah ha! Muirise, his little grey cells have been hard at work! YES, mes amis! He has a MENU for tomorrows dinner with Aglie worked out! And HE SHOPPING has been!! SO now its just a matter for MUIRIRSE to the INGEREDIANTS put together, and then he a TRIUMPH of a dinner will have!!!1!

Muirrhyse, he will Aglie be able to show that he (Muirowse) being such a grate geynius from his past mistakes has lerninated. Such as teh time Aglie invited Muirroswe for dinner around, and the the blackcurrent cordial with him took, rather than the Romanée-Conti wine. This time Muiiroswe will only the best of French wines lay on! Muirrgyse has around his cellar in his chateau in teh south of france looked around, and many good wines has he there foundinated:
Old wine cellar
including 1979 Romanée-Conti La Tâche,
1978 Château Margaux Premier cru,
1965 Château Cheval Blanc Premier Grand Cru Classé (A),
1889 Château Margaux Premier cru
1958 Château Ausone
1851 Château d'Yquem Premier Cru Supérieur Sauternes
ANd Muirhyse has just the perfect meal to with all this beautiful wine most beautiful go!!! Yes, mes amis, he has decided he will serve the Vegemite and toast. Also, he some some Pavlova from teh local supermarket for less than €5 has bought!! And since this such a theme Australien has, Murrhyse also has a bottel of 1971 Penfolds Grange Hermitage bought, so that this theme it can be kept up.

Muuiruuse he is certain that mon ami Aglie this dinner most maqnifique will love! He overwhelmed will be! Such wines! Such vegemite!! He speachless with pleasure will be!!!

Five bottles of Bordeaux Grands Crus


Vegemite on toast


un triumph for MAURHHYSE!!

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