Friday, 20 February 2009

At Home with Muwryse!

Mes amis, Muearaeuruease is once again in his hosue & home in Armidale, France is. Ah! How overjoyed he to be back is! It is tres bien! He this place has missed much. He enjoyed his drive home ,even if it did end with his car new (teh Catherham) around a tree wrapped -- Miourose much disapointed about this was, and a NEW one will have to buyinate.

And exciting things are happening, mes amis!! Mirowse his neighbour from teh south of france and good ami Agliè is in teh region once again!!!! So Miororse, he has for dinner tomorrow over invited him!

Miorowse, he is not certain what for dinner to cookinate!!! He could make Cassolulet with EXTRA duck AND goose, or he could Bouillabaisse make, or maybe he could make Vegemite on toast. Mmmm... Vegemite.

Ah well, he to his dinner with his good freind Aglie cannot wait. Whatever Mioriwse decideds to cook, it a TRIUMPH will be (especially the vegemite on toast, mes amis!).!!! He just hopes that Agly he will not Muirose askinate again about teh secret map of teh Knights Templar castle that Muiorose lied and claimed he had...

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