Thursday, 3 July 2008

My friend new Agliè

Mes amis, Meawrose is his stay in teh north of fRance much enjoying. Still, he is to his house in teh south of frAnce much looking forward to getting back home.

And it is about this that Murrhise he wants to write. Mon ami, you may rememeber well that time when Miruse he went for an evening walk near his home in the SOUTH of france, and made a few wrong terns and somehow Murroswse he in the NORTH of france ended up. Well, that walk mes amis was so Miurruse could his neighbours there meet.

Well, imagine the suprise de Mwerrhyse when he bumpted into a gentlemen here who he is a neighbour of in teh SOUTH of france! This man, his name it is M. Agliè, and Mierowse much happy to make his acquantance is. We of many things talked, including the Knights Templar and the high cost of velcro (M. Agliè thinks that this, it is a conspiracie most evil of The Bavarian Illuminati!).

Well, sadly mon nouvel ami had to teh south of france again go back very suddenly, in mid conversation in fact (we had just got to the bit where Maerowse he was his book the Mouth Wash of the Gods going to discuss). Still, Mairuse looks forward to seeing him in the south of france once again much!

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