Thursday, 10 July 2008

Back in Amridale France!!

Well, mes amis, Maerhuse he is très perturbé to in Amridale once more again be! He left here only a few days ago to to his house in teh south of France go.

But alas! Catastrophe! When he there got, he found that he had the keys for his south of france house in Armidale France left!

So Maerowse he got into his car, and to Armridale once again drove. And now he is in teh living room of his Armidale hosue. HEre, there are two sets of keys on the mantelpiece and Maeurose he has his correct huose keys grabbed, and now Muwrhyse he must bid his raedership loyal adieu, aas he off to teh south of france once again once more drives. This time with his house keys!!!!

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