Thursday, 12 January 2012

A exciting discovery at Castello Muerhise di Umbria... Roman Whine

Mes amis... Maorhose was inwestigatinating some of teh cellars at his castel here in Umbria... and he found sometihng wery exciting! A faslse wall! Tahts right! A false wall! Mweroce knew it something must be hiding, so it wery carefully demolishinated.

After collecting up all teh rubble taht had fallen on top of Morose (Stupid masonary, it knows not what a grate geynius Meerhose is!!1!!?!?_) he walked into tihs sekret hidden room. And he it a whine cellar found out it to be. An ANCEINT wine cellar. Thats right, teh whines were all ROMAN. Mostly from teh wery, wery celebrated wintage of 121BC, too , mes amis. Tehre many amphorae of whines are, and Morhose of cuorse could not waitinate to tehm taste. Muarhose was of cuorse particularly excited abuot teh Falernian wine , biut tehre also was Alban wine  and Caecuban_wine. He much excited was .

MES amis. It took GREAT EFFORT, even for a geynius such as Moarhose, to not open all teh amphorae and drink them all & then & there &. BUT some-how , , Mourhase himself restrained. He a wery special evening planed, & inwited many of his tres bon amis, includinating his oldest Ami, Aglié. Tihs dinner, it was scheduled for TUESDAY 11HT JANUARY. Tahts rite, mes amis, taht was YESTREDAY.

Eh bien. It magnifique was. Especialy wiht Moarhoses cookinating most magnifique. His escargot wehre particularly popular.

And teh wines!! Muahrose broughted out his best Riedel glasses, whihc not wery auhtentically Roman was, but was magnifique nonetehless. Aglei was particularicularly enthusiastic about teh 121BC Falernian  ' austerum '. Maurhose agreed taht tihs was magnifique, but preferinated teh 121BC Caecuban. It magnifique was, and complemented teh roast partridge taht wiht it Muarhose had served.

Mes amis... tehre were many many amphoerae of these, so luckily Muahrose more for anohter day has. May be next thyme he will compare it wiht teh 809BC Caves des Templiers Hermitage , which he also still a few remaining amphorae of has.

Eh bien... taht is all for now. MAY BE, mes amis, Moarhose will postinate abuout his NEW YEARS EVE praty some time real soon. It magnifique was. Yes, maybe he will. Even thuough he slightly maybe might have promised Aĝlie to keep it all sekret might ahve.

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