Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mwarose in Rhome

Mes amis... Muarhose was finding teh wine making quite boring. Such tedium, it is below teh level of a geynius such as Morose. SO he decided to departinate for his apratment in Rhôme. Wise move, mes amis, wery sneaky... Aglíe didn;t seee TAHT one coming... oh noes, mon amis, he did not.

So far... so good... teh only porblem is taht Aglŷ had a nother trick up his sleeve. When he raelised taht Morice had runninated away --- he did too!! Tihs is not fare, mes amis, not good. Whilst it is okay for a geynius of Moarhwse's stature to make tricks like taht it is NOT ok for a non-geynius such as Aglei.

Morise was wery adgitated when he this heard... so he will now have to buy a new bedside lamp, as he may have slightly thrown his prewious one at teh wall in a fit of anger.

BUT,, mes amis, teh basic porblem remaininates. How to get teh wines from Castello Morise releasinated? He has teh wintage 2009 whines all botteled now & ready to sell. And teh 2011 wintage whines are in tanks (NO, mes amis, not teh sort wiht guns taht you drive around in... teh boring type, teh large metal containiainers taht you fermentinate wine in...).

Mwrojse was kind of sort of maybe slightly relying on Aglie to do tihs for Marose. BUT now Aglei has stormed off in a huff AGAIN. And Morose, he is sure what to do not.

Eh bien, It can Wait. Marose will returninate to it WERY WERY SOON. Maybe in teh new year.

In teh mean-time, Mjeroçe ahs decidinated to spend Christmas in his castel in Umbria. Shuold be good, mes amis, should be wery good.

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