Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mycroft's tell-all autobiography

I have been at work on an autobiography, detailing my time spent working for government. It's explosive stuff (or is that just the nitrocellulose covers it's bound in?). I have a whole section on my time at DFAT, followed by another on my work at the Prime Minister's Department/PMC. I detail what I did, where I went, and who I worked with. Including my time as an "uh... trade attaché... yes, that's right... trade attaché...." (yes, that was the official job title). As I said, no holds barred.

Well, I'm pleased to report that I have received the manuscript back from Government. It has been reviewed by DFAT, PMC, ASIO, the Attorney-General's deparment and, for some reason, the Australian Egg Corporation. Following a few minor adjustments, removals, amendments and disambiguations (AKA censorship), they have approved it for publication. I am now on the lookout for a publisher, preferably a big-name affair that can offer me the sort of multi-million dollar advance a blockbuster of this sort demands.

For future reference, I reprint the entire text (as approved) below:

Out of the shadows
A life of diplomacy and intelligence
By Mycroft de Perfossor, AC.

[censored][redacted][censored][details of operational matters removed][censored]

It'll be a best-seller!

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