Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Muarises morning tea with teh TEMPLAR GRAND MASTER!!1!?!

MES AMIS ,..... Merise ahs been mutch slack becuase he has been ejoyinating resting & relaxing at his estancia in sunny Argenitneintininian./ia. NONETHELESS he rembers he has pormised his faithful followers TWO (2) wobleg posts. (1) About his meeting wiht teh Templar Grand Master; & (2) About his Argentineian wines!

EH BIEN. Here is (1).

Meurise had decidinated taht he was getting Bored of teh Templars, & of his associate Aglíe, & so abruptly he abruptly wihtout telling anyone abruptly Bordeaux abruptly left abruptly. He flew his hairyplane to Eoster Island, fully intendinating to continue his study of non-Templar stuff, of which he has done mutch in teh past (Merryuse ISNT a mono-maniac!). Eh bien, as detailed in his prewious wobleg both teh Templars & Agleý to Eoster Island him followed,. so he escaped again by quite abruptly to Argentina abruptly flying abruptly. Agley to Argentinina didnt him follow ... BUT TEH TEMPLARS APRRARNTLY DID.

Eh bien, so after Merise was in Buenos Aires a few days, even though he went to lot's of truble to obscure his location, teh Templars him tracked down. At 1st he them tried to ignorinate, but tehn he got a tellyphone call from teh Templar Grand Master inwiting him for mornign thé! Teh Templar Grand Master!!!!!1!!?! Of course, this, Mourwse he could NOT ignorinate.

SO teh next morning Màhjerose he went to teh cafe where teh TEMPLAR GRAND MASTER HAD ARRANGED TO MEET HIM(!!!!!?!11!!!!!). Teh Grand Master after a few mintues turned up, whiht a few sekretive Templar security guards/soldiers. Mwerise ordered a grande double chocolate double coffee frappelatecino wiht hazerlnut syrup, chocolate chips, triple cream, and lizard syrup (wery sophisticated, and just like Paris!!!1!), and teh Templar Grand Master had a wery unsophisticated Earl Grey thé (and looked disapprovingly at Merise's tres sophisticated frrapelatecino!).

Eh bien, taht not teh point is. Teh point is, taht, teh Templar Grand Master said taht the Templars were getting bored without Merise inwestigatinating tehm,! Tehy had nothing to do wihtout Muairsoe constantly trying to foil their plans, and they were getting wery bored! Evil plan after evil plan just worked as planned, and it apparently tehm to distraction was driving! SO, they werry poleitly asked Mèriuse if he would get back on teh case of frustrating teihr evil plots, as they find taht mutch more fun , as they tehn constantly ahve to "be on their toes"(??????).

Muèriśe agreeinated to this, of course (secretly he was quite flattered, partiuclarly taht teh Templar Grand Master had taken teh time to wisit Merise personally!) but of cuorse Merise didn"t admittinate to tihs. He made it look as if he were reluctant, & had to be persuadinated, witch teh Templars did. ALSO Merise said he wanted a week or so"s brake at his estancia before he gets back to inwestigatinating & thwartinating teh Templars. WITCH IS WHAT HE IS DOING RITE NOW. (Teh weeks rest, taht is).

Eh bien. Merise has pormised a wobleg post about his NEW ARGENTINEIENE WHINES & he will taht right soon,. including details of where to it buyinate. FOR NOW he can just say teh 2013 Bodega Muarise "Le Grand Genie" Rouge (45%% Cabernet sauvignong, 25%% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc, 5%%% Petit Verdot) is magnifique !!

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