Sunday, 1 August 2010

Mirrhose in Australie!!!!1!

You raed it right, Mwreise is once again back in Australie, his HOME LAND!!! He once again back in his ancestral home town of Paris, NSW. He much pleased to be home is.

His flight wiht Atterissage Forcé much plaesant was, and he made use of many of teh optoinal extras taht he mistakenly ordered. Some of tehse were good, but not quite waht Murrhyse had expectinated. For example, he asked for his glass of champagne & plate of caviar. Unfrotunately, instaed he got sparkling mineral water and a hard boiled egg. Teh hostess said taht this was "Close Enough". He much plaesed wiht his complementary overnight stay in a 3 star hotel in Paris was, though.

Eh bien, teh MAIN thing is taht the hairyplane, it crashed did not. ANd now, after a mere five-day long flight, he back in Australie is. He has been enjoyinating living in his family hosue in Paris, NSW, Australie. He has been enjoying stroling once more down teh wide boulevards of Paris, NSW, and drinking cofe in teh many caffes and tehre many long discussions wiht his freinds (although they his intelectual inferiors are - EVERYBODY is teh intellectual inferior to Murrhose).

He also much his HSV Malloo drivinating aruond Paris, NSW has been enjoyinating -- though he a SAFE, RESPONSIBIBLE dirver is, and NEVER dirves aruond town at more than 250km/h, and always makes certain he has NOT drunk more tahn two (2) bottels of whine before he driving goes.

Eh bien, taht is all. Mirrhwse is teh Quiet Life in Paris, NSW enjoyinating. He will post more to his Wobleg magnifique (ie. this web page!!!1!!) as exciting tihngs happen. Until then, à bientot!

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