Monday, 15 June 2009

MacBook KeyBored Problems SOLVINATED!!!!1!

Mes amis, Mjørhise he was just to M. l'hôtelier explaininating how much many porblems he wiht his AZERTY keybroad having was. And M. l'hôtelier he said "I Can that fix!". Mjuroése, he did not him beleive as a fix had escaped even such a great génie as Mjorowse but still he teh computer him gave.

Photo by Sir Stig

M. l'hôtelier he said he could simply change teh keybroad layout. Mjorwse he shocked was. "What, mon ami," he said, "by ripping out teh keyborad and replacing it?" Teh hotelier explained explanitorially that this he did not need to do: He could just in SOFTWARE it change, and then the new kebyoard layout on teh keys write wiht Permanent mraker. He said it simple was -- you just teh System Preferences open. "Woah!" Mjurúse said " HOw does one this do? Does Mjeraese a screewdirver need to use to open some part of teh computer?" "NO!" he said"you just click on teh ikon here on the dock in teh bottom right hand corner of teh screen" but this it tooo complex for Mjorése was so he just smiled and nodded.

Wonce this screen much mysetrious open was, he was able to teh keyboard layout IN SOFTWARE changinate, and then teh new keys write on wiht MARKER! what an idea genius! Also, he for Mjorúwse was able to change teh language to English, when it in Breton already was!!!

Well, Mjoráse he was stariting to think he in the presence of a great geynius was! And then M. l'hôtelier he opened a bottel of whine with a corkscrew wihtout injuring himslef!! Mjurose, he normally impales his hand wiht the corkscrew when he this does (wery painfull, but only a porblem if Mjeéerhuse he WHITE WHINE is trying to openinate, mes amis!!). wOAH! This M. l'Hôtelier, he must a great geynius be, maybe even grate than Mjorose,. Mjírihse he is over awed and humbled.

Photo of corkscrew by Serge Rovenne; Photo of Burgundy bottles by Limegreen

And earlier this evening, Murüse saw teh l'hôtelier raeding Proust in teh ORIGINAL Umbrian!!! WOW!!!

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