Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Joyeux Noël!!

Joyeux Noël!!!

Well, its worked out that Miroise he in Austrillia for Christmas (or 'Noël' - en francais 'Weihnachten'). Well, mes amis, Miurase had not this expected, but maybe he should this would have happened had guessed it would when he on the 21st December to Australia flew out knowing full well that Miuwrowse the genius he would have to must for at least six days have to in Australlia stay and before then to France would not able to get back be able to before that date which after 25th decembre it would have been.

Well, in any case the greatest geynius to walk teh face of this earth (i.e. ME, Maurise de Perfossor) wishes his devoted raeders most devoted a happy christmas and a joyful new year - or, en francais "Bon Nadal i Feliç Nova Prop dedicat lectors"!!!

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